One must start somewhere

It is past time that I do something selfish, completely for my own pleasure.  I used to enjoy social media, but now it is no longer a part of my life, and frankly, seeing how others abuse it, I am kinda glad.  Here I can just be me and not be subject to witch wars or other trolling.  I am in control.  I love to write and I think this is a wonderful outlet for that. (And free is in my budget!)

For so long I have not been in control.  I have been on probation for things that I may or may not ever mention here and my life has only been what I have been told it is allowed to be.  My probation ends this week.  Today is the last full moon of a dark journey for me.  This time next week, life will be different, but not so different that I lose what I have gained.

My time apart from the world has helped me focus on what is important to me: my family (specifically my children), my handicrafts (mostly yarn crochet creations), and my spirituality (a hodge-podge of Pagan, Christian, and something more… shall we just say Love?).  Stick around here for a bit and you will learn some about all three.

So, I am learning my way around here on wordpress, a new adventure. Lady Autumn Mist told me that this is the Wind Moon.  My memory is not so great that I would know that without looking it up, so I choose to take her word at it.  Some witches do have better memories than others.  So, maybe this moon is the wind of change.  I can only hope.

I have no idea what all may pop up here or even if I can stick with it.  I am renown for not sticking with my writing projects or letting them fade in and out at great distances.  And I know I am not alone.  I have seen many blogs that I thought were cool only to notice that the last post was a couple years ago.  I totally understand how that can happen.  So, no promises, just one moment at a time.

Pictures are needed, so here are a few of the things I have done in recent years to warm up this blog:

(now I have to learn how to put text after all the pictures… )

Mobius strip infinity scarf - my first (and only so far)

Mobius strip infinity scarf – my first (and only so far)

One of my many babushkas

One of my many babushkas

Well, I still haven’t quite got the hang of things, but enough for a start.  Mahalo.

Cowboys baby hat - my sissypoo helped sew the little pieces on this

Cowboys baby hat – my sissypoo helped sew the little pieces on this