A nice blogger who also does crochet liked my Easter post this morning. So, being a curious bird, I had to take a look at their blog.

And from that I learned a new word scrumbles.

While most of my work would not qualify as scrumbles, it is mostly freeform. That got me thinking that I should specify what I make from patterns and try to give reference.

So far all that I have posted pictures of are freeform except for the base of the Cowboys hat. The base was from a child’s hat pattern that my daughter Dawn had gotten in a crochet set she received for Christmas a couple years ago.  The circle and star on that hat could loosely be defined as scrumbles. They were crocheted separately and my Sissypoo had to sew them on, as I got lost at that point.

I have used that base pattern or my own variation thereof many times.  Usually after I learn a stitch I just integrate it into my freeform work.  It is all very much flow.


For my grandson Sage

This blanket is the most recent one I have made from the lemonade stitch that I learned a few years back from a blog post then cross referenced to a video and a bit of help from my husband and a friend to read the increase and decrease pattern for the stitch. It goes really fast when you stay focused.

Well, I must get ready for the day. Mahalo.