I found out last week that my step mom has breast cancer, stage one, early detection — ladies, don’t miss any mammogram appointments!  Today, SM is having surgery to remove the carcinomas and a couple of lymph nodes. Thankfully my probation is over so that I could travel to be here.

The nurses just took her back. Dad is going down to fetch stuff from the car. SM’s daughter is here also. Everyone has a quiet calm. I am just freaking out under the surface.

I am known to be able to smell death, as I did when my great aunt passed the week before Easter. But all I smell and taste is the disinfectant and anesthesia, so that is a good thing.  Now just to wait.

I’m going to get off my phone now to try to save battery. Meanwhile, please enjoy this snapshot of the baby blanket I made for Quin using the lemonade stitch. If I recall correctly, it has 50 increase rows, then you just work off the decrease until you are back down to one square.  I will try to share my lemonade stitch resources when I am on computer again.


Picture by Quin