Off on new adventures

The past few days have been a curious mix of experiences.  Having all my restrictions, barring just a handful, lifted from my life all at once is a bit overwhelming.  I have been to a baby’s birthday party and plan to attend another this coming Saturday, I have enjoyed a slumber party and one-on-one time with my daughters Dawn and Quin.  Today was a beautiful Sunday filled with choir, service, and potluck this morning, taking Dawn to a roller rink party (just dropped her off, I am so not ready to socialize with other parents on my own just yet), and a great trip to a nearby park with both girls.  It was my first time in a park in over 5 years.  It was exhausting, and magical.  Park moms were so nice to me. Quin had so much fun, I thought she was going to explode. It was a good day. And I even got to talk to my step-daughter Hope on Skype tonight.

I have actually gotten to take drinks of wine and beer… oh how I missed beer.  I don’t drink much, as I do have a family and personal history of addiction, but just the taste… well, it defined “freedom” for me.

Trying to spiff up my blog here. So, my post may well actually publish well after midnight.  Nonetheless, I want to find a theme and whatnot that is more reflective of me and not so sterile. You may wonder why I chose Patch to be my featured image, or you may not. I just felt this picture was so “me in this moment” testing boundaries, peeking into this new life that is suddenly mine to own again.  He is such a lovely and loving kitty; he also just deserves to have his mug all over the internet.

Good news to report: Giles (my car) has perfectly good brakes, but I still don’t know why the back end shimmies when I am braking.  DC thinks it may need an alignment, but he can’t do that.  So, shopping around I will be. At least, I know that driving is mostly safe.  I just have to be extra careful until this puzzle is unravelled.

I am tired today, but it is a good tired, satisfied and complete. I hope your day was also full of beauty, love, and pleasant surprises. Mahalo.