Down the internet rabbit hole, well, one of them at least

Well, I had a weird experience.  Some strange girl tried to add me on Skype and then offered me a free trial to her webcam site.  So, I looked at this site. Nowhere was there a link to the terms and conditions of service.  That is a huge red flag for “do not enter your credit card here”.

Then I got curious about this kind of work… so down the internet rabbit hole I went. And surprisingly, I actually found a source of legit work-at-home opportunities. Of course most of them paid pennies rather than dollars and ranged from adult entertainment to, get this, professional blogging. Well, maybe my writing will pay off someday, but not today. Hours passed as I clicked on each link that tickled my fancy.

So, if you are interested in extra pennies here or there, check out this site:

But do be prepared for the rabbit hole experience. Mahalo.