It is so easy for me to fall behind

The middle of this month has just passed in a whirlwind of activity.  My car is finally not quivering in its rear end every time I brake, thanks to a moderately pricey replacement of front brake pads and two front rotors, plus alignment and balancing of tires.  Blessing is that the tires are in good shape for at least another six months, and then only the front will need replaced.  I am just relieved to know that my car is again safe to drive.  I have a short list of regular maintenance coming up in the next couple months.  I really want to keep this paid-for car on the road and safe to drive long enough for Dawn to learn how to handle a stick-shift as she is learning to drive in the next four years or so.

I am still on a natural buzz from Dance Theater… and the fact that I am allowed to drink beer!  Woot!

So happy my dear husband finally has a dental appointment tomorrow.  My worry for his overall health is more than I can find words to describe here, especially at such a late hour.  I just want him to have a healthier mouth and body so that he can be around for many more years to enjoy the roller coaster ride that is our family.  I love that stubborn man so darned much.

I have had overall an awesome few weeks with my family and friends.  They even threw me a “Way to Go” potluck celebration for the end of my probation.  It is good to know that I am loved. That helps carry me thru the tough times. (Like locking myself out of my car earlier tonight.)

I am determined to stay active with this blog and will share more soon.  But for tonight, I must bid adieu.

Sweet dreams.  Mahalo.