Catching up after Beltaine

Betaine was wonderful.  It was strange being allowed out into the woods again, but really good.  Though the farm is not necessarily woods, it is just a perfect place to be.

We had a Walpurgisnacht ritual, chanting workshop, may pole, Beltaine ritual, stone soup supper, and kettle corn!  The party tent was a hit — though it did get used as the drunk tank on Friday night, so I was glad it was there.  The full moon topped off the weekend.

Coming home was bittersweet, then took a turn for the worse tonight.  My nephew and his daughter were in a car accident today.  They are alive, but everyone is shook up, especially my Sissypoo as it was her oldest son and granddaughter.  She is on the phone now.  Hopefully it all will work out for the best.

I don’t have the ability to share more now, but wanted to check in.