School and Pool

So happy to have my replacement phone!
Last night I attended Dawn’s final band concert of the school year. I had to have special permission to attend, but it was totally worth it to finally see a year of hard work paying off for one of my babies. This was also my first school event since the completion of my probation. I still haven’t heard back from Quin’s principal about attending her end of year program with preschool. Dawn’s principal was very sympathetic and I really appreciate all she did to make sure I could be at school and every one’s collective and proverbial butts were covered.
Today I enjoyed my in-laws’ pool for the first time in a very long time. My neighbor Lana made sure that I had a bathing suit to fit properly as I have gained a lot of weight. (Thankfully my old suit is still in good shape and fits Sissypoo.)  AK was able to go swimming too. Father-in-law changed the pool chemicals from chlorine to something that AK is not allergic to being in. It was just hubby, Quin, AK, and me. I don’t really swim, but I finally adjusted to the cool water enough to float around and play with Quin while she is learning.
Dawn spent night at my apartment last night. The last two days have been really wonderful. Dawn asked me to tuck her in, and I cried a few tears of joy,  but also of regret for all the bedtime tuck ins that were missed. How much longer will she want those affections being that she turns 13 this coming December?
I’m planning to just enjoy every minute that I am able while the powers-that-be allow it.