Road Trip Deux

Cancer. Sure, it is the name of my birth sign, but why does it have to keep manifesting physically in the people I love? My brother Mason had brain surgery and chemo with radiation starting in September of 2013. He had to learn to walk and talk again and still fights tremors and severe double vision.
Mason is a smart fellow and has stayed on top of his follow-ups and tests. Plus he has an awesome wife to keep him on the straight and narrow.
Week before last, more cancer was discovered along his spine and possibly brain again. So, Mason resumed chemotherapy with the belief that it could be quickly knocked back again.
Then came the pain. He didn’t really remember the pain from his first rodeo because it all happened so fast. It became so bad that he was admitted to the hospital on Mothers Day. His wife gave me the heads up.
Yesterday, after Quin was on bus and I was well fed, off to Cincinnati I went, again. Wasn’t that long ago I made the same trip for my SM’s breast cancer treatment.  These are the first road trips of my new freedom. Wow.
Mason and I had a wonderful visit. We talked about everything, the cancer, our kids, work, hobbies, exercise, and too many other topics to count.  A really great visit, and truly the first time I have had a one-on-one conversation with Mason since he was a pre-teen. I am not really close with my siblings, but when we do connect it is magical.
I didn’t cry. I am staying positive. Cancer will not beat down my little bro.
And I will keep telling myself that for as long as it takes.
In other news, my SM updated me last night. She is having a scan on Friday to make sure all is on the up-and-up to move forward with treatment. Scan will help the doctor decide on the next step.
So, stay tuned for tales of these and other examples of the Big C running rampant, such as what is lingering on my biological father’s kidney being too small to do anything with and the constant search for possible recurring C on my husband’s face from childhood sun damage.
It is just so much and weighs heavy on my heart.
Please go forth with love and light, be well and keep a good relationship with all your doctors.