Didn’t I already lose my mind?


If you spot the above picture wandering around Facebook, know that I actually took the pic as I drove through Lexington the other day. I did come to a complete stop before wrangling camera on my phone. No, I don’t remember which day, they are all running together — maybe Tuesday?
I could use a speed hump or two. Sissypoo says I have Asiatic-Pacific disease, a.k.a. Lacka Nooky.
Today was pretty awful with tiny bright spots. Ran into a pre-jail friend today who didn’t really recognize me at first; I have gained a considerable amount of weight. I probably could have avoided all contact, but the crowd in the bread section of the grocery store created enough confusion that she grabbed my bascart by mistake. Bright spot is that she was polite. Most likely that was the best I could have expected.
And I finally received a belated Mother’s Day gift from Dawn. That was my big bright spot. She gave me 5 of her academic excellence medals from the last couple years of school in a jar that she decorated with AK’s assistance.  And I was invited to be her guest at the “people’s choice” dinner honoring students who have been nominated by faculty or staff for excellence.
I am so proud of her, but my emotions have been a real roller coaster today, hell, all week.
Lacka Nooky. Lacka Cuddles. Lacka Gumption. Still searching for my proverbial boot straps so that I can start pulling them up.