Really pretty day

Sure, I slept most of it away since Quin was at Daddy’s house and I thought she would be staying tonight too.  But Sissypoo got a burst of unforeseen energy and started digging up the rocky flower bed in front of the apartment. Somehow I got into this and thinned out my chicken and hen plants, putting some in the ground in hopes of getting a nicer than gravel ground cover and repotting others just to see if they will survive. I also checked on the acorn squash that Sissypoo moved from pot to yard not too long ago and it has lovely blooms that mean food is on the way.

I pray all these are good omens for this summer. So much else has happened, I would need to keep notes to remember to share it all here. Nothing bad. I am resigned to the fact I will never be a constant blogger, but I can share a little of my life here.