Lollipop and mushrooms

Today has been an interesting day.

Started the morning with my phone deciding to update its operating system from kit kat to lollipop.  I had really just begun to be comfortable using an android smartphone after the previous decade and a half of dumb phones, tho always Sony because I love Sony stuff.  Now I feel as if I am learning to use the phone all over again.

Phone update almost made me late for Dawn’s award program at school. All I had to do this time was check in, I didn’t have to be escorted through the school.  Dawn was recognized for science, band, and 4.0 GPA Honor Roll. Yay!

Tried unsuccessfully to nap this afternoon whilst it was storming outside. Quin would not nap, so she was a constant source of interruption. Gotta love her, she’s the baby.

I am so glad school is over for a while. And I need to get my hands back in yarn. I think my lacking on crafts has contributed to my at times sour disposition. I am just so tired all the time.

Hubby visiting tonight, so I will check in here another time. Oh, before I forget, the picture is of a mushroom growing just outside the air conditioner unit in hubby’s hallway. It is beautiful, probably poison, but an interesting sidebar for the rest of the day.

Going to be a busy weekend, hope yours is good.