Dear Lord, what now?

The past week and a half has been a blur of activity.  From a Belmont picnic at a friends farm – great food and Yay for Triple Crown Winner “American Pharoah” – to this morning’s surprise of my great nephew disappearing.  I had all these ambitious plans of posting various pictures and thoughts, but my procrastination has beat me back, plus sheer exhaustion didn’t help.  Maybe some of the pics I took will make future appearances in this blog, ya’ never know.  Right now I am focusing my energy on trying to help find Daniel.  So, my next post will be his information.  Please share it wherever you can, social media, etc.  I appreciate any and all assistance (including spellwork) in getting him home quickly and safely.  I wish I could get a bit better about this blogging, but my natural inclination to incomplete projects is acting up….  nonetheless.