So, I took the RealAge test (da, daa, daaahuuum!)

RealAge: 50.5
Taken 07-08-15

Difference: 7.6 Older


Keep controlling your diabetes.
Shed extra weight.
Become a former smoker.
Ease your financial worries. (How do you do that on a fixed income?)
Find positive coping strategies.
Eat more grains.
Have some fruit.
Vary your veggies.
Eat more nuts.
Go easy on red meat.
Expand your diet.
Boost your cardio.
Tighten and tone.

My thoughts:

Nothing here that I wasn’t already aware of… just have to find the gumption to give a hoot. Losing 7 years isn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. I know my weight is the biggest issue, but it is my mental health that is my biggest hindrance to being active and having gumption. So, you, dear blog, are tasked with helping my mental health. Here is where I can spew the muck of my brain when I need to do so. God help you.

If there are any other changes as per the above list, I’ll keep you posted. For now, I must maintain my status quo, minus just a few pounds.