So tired… just checking in.

Ran family to doctor appointments today, and then tried to create a business website for Odinic Adventures on Facebook.  Total fail.

Odinic Adventures is the name hubby, AK, and I came up with for marketing our handcrafts and hobby items.  I was told that I could make a site for my business on facebook.  Wrong.  The program insisted that I use a human name and not a business name.  I was mad.  I was frustrated.  I had 37 friends in less than an hour!!!!  Really?  Why, Lord?

So, I am trying to see what I can see about marketing our stuffs.  Like, I could do it here on my blog, but is is Yarn Spells, which is just me, not Odinic Adventures, which is my family too.  Maybe O.A. could get its own blog, but then that would be one more blog to maintain, and they don’t work the same way as other social/news medias.

I guess if I make something to sell, I can post it here first, but that would just be my stuff, too confusing to make it more.

Why can’t this all be more simple?