Right and wrong ways to use paint

There is always a right way and a wrong way to express one’s self artistically.

Here is an example of what I did with nail polish (technically a paint) and a pre-made cigarette case:


My niece is a Steelers fan.

Here is an example of the wrong way to express yourself artistically with paint:


Denton, TX

From what I understand, the culprits were caught on video using stencils for this. Really?  Not only is this a violation of a historical monument, but it is poor taste, ignorant, and shows no talent nor creativity.

Sure, I did my fair share of vandalism in my rebellious youth, but never did I intentionally destroy someone else’s art; and never did I try to insite a riot nor start a new civil war. (But what is “civil” about this, really?)

Why should history be re-written to placate one group over another?

The first slaves in the Western hemisphere were the Peoples of the First Nations (Indians to the unwashed) by Christopher Columbus and his ilk.  Why are they not vandals and protesters?  Did the civil rights movement mean nothing? Do Natives need to vandalize statues of Columbus? Or Mexican-Americans vandalize the Alamo?

How would people feel if suddenly monuments to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were vandalized?

The Statue of Liberty is monument to the fact that we all come from somewhere and we all have bad stuff in our past, but we must work together to create a great nation indivisible with justice for all.  True justice will be the prosecution of these criminals.


Take a moment now to read 1984 by George Orwell and be afraid, be very afraid.

We must learn from our history so we do not repeat it, not have it changed or erased. How can we grow and prosper as a unified country if we do not know the truth?

Japanese-Americans were put in concentration camps on American soil. German-Americans were sent back to Germany, even ones born here, born American. Native Americans were forced to live on unwanted unfertile land known as “Reservations” and not given rights as American citizens. These are all horrible acts of racism.

But we live, learn, grow, forgive, and compromise.

If you no longer wish to be a part of our country and our history, then leave.  I’m sure there is an immigrant in your neighborhood who would be glad to help you leave so they could become citizens and enjoy your rights and privileges.

Please people, as my fellow Americans, come to your senses, love and respect one another. The motto of Kentucky is United We Stand, Divided We Fall, and we are headed for a huge fall.  Do you want war?  Do you want to cripple us from the inside out? Do you want to weaken us so that another, less likable, government can invade and take over?  Then you would experience racism on a whole new level.

Let us work together to make beautiful art with our paint and sculptures. Stop the ignorance or go to prison. And remember, the Cowboys won the game of Cowboys and Indians. You really think you could best them with your self-righteousness and spray paint cans?