Patriot – Hero – Statesman – Endangered Art

Certain politicians and other big wigs think we need to remove this lovely statue from the rotunda of the capitol of Kentucky.

I am not going to name these people, why should I give them free press?  Let them do something of merit and it might be worth my time. I can understand wanting to move the statue for its own protection from vandals and hoodlums that seem to be making it a national pastime to deface monuments and cemeteries to their heart’s content.  But one journalist on Kentucky.Com stated that there were too many old white boy’s statues and that Jefferson was basically a traitor to our country (grant, he did not use the word traitor, but it was implied).

This is all ridiculous.  Hey, if you want to add a statue of Mohammed Ali, you can do so — as soon as he has been dead for 40 years.  Rules are rules.  Daniel Boone would be my pick, but they already gave his highway to Hal *bleeping* Rogers. Oh, but Daniel Boone is still part of the old white boys club.  So is Hal Rogers for that matter.

So, yes, I am rambling.  I am just so exceedingly tired of all this babble and pomp. If you don’t like how America is run or our history that has made us a better today, please leave now.

If you care what happens to this approximately 10 ton statue that could be damaged when it is moved and represents a great Kentuckian who did what he felt he was morally obligated to do in upholding the Constitution, then PLEASE contact the Historic Properties Advisory Commission.  There are only a couple days left to have your say before they meet this Thursday to decide the fate of this monument. They are only taking submissions in writing, this link will lead you to the proper form.

And if you would also like to contact the politicians that are pushing this issue to have President Davis moved, feel free to call them, but be prepared to get an answering machine:  Senator phone number 502-582-6304 (or online contact form here).  Gubernatorial candidate phone number 502-822-6806 (online contact form here).  Keep in mind, only the Historic Properties Advisory Commission has any say in this matter, but it is always nice to tell politicians exactly what you think of them whenever possible.

Please share the link to the form   wherever possible. You don’t have to agree with me, but please let your opinion be known, either way.  This is too important to stand silently by and let others make decisions for us.  Stand up, speak out, and give a damn.  The days of “turn on, tune in, drop out” are long gone.  We are losing our country, our history, and our freedoms to those who would wipe the slate clean (white wash, if you will) and pretend nothing bad ever happened.

Now be prepared to say goodbye to Jefferson Davis…

The only President of the Confederate States of America (note the Ten Commandments hiding behind the base of the statue)