Here she comes to save the day!


I am so tired today. Glad to spend time with my babies, but sad that I didn’t feel better.  I am on a full moon cycle and this blue moon has played hell on me, plus a migraine.

Sissypoo was awesome and cooked dinner for us. So, no fancy rituals, but a nice family meal without too much whining and fussing with one another.  I really only screeched once and, of course, Quin had my phone and was recording when I screeched.

Made it out to the store for essentials this evening with Dawn.  I actually enjoy shopping with her. She has almost learned to penny-pinch as well as I do. We happily found some of her needed school supplies while not finding what we were actually looking for.

All-in-all not a horrible day. That feels like a win to me.  I have just been grossly depressed of late.  All the turmoil in the world and I don’t have the right to say anything about it because I am a felon.  It all just irritates me.  I know I should just let it all go, but I haven’t learned how to just yet. Working on it.

Sweet dreams, ‘Merica.