Taking a look around

Not liking what I see in the world.  Not at all.

I made that mistake of watching the news again.  The biggest story that didn’t involve death and disaster was based on the ideals of religious state marriage.

Law of God and Man crossing hairs once again.

The marriage of the land is a piece of paper stating that the government gives you permission to marry so that you can pay different taxes and live by different rules, etc.

The marriage of religion is ritualistic commitment witnessed by man before God allowing for some variety of belief, path, God or Goddess needing to be represented.

YOU DO NOT NEED A PAPER TO BE MARRIED.  The paper is only used to keep track of people and tax and deal with government and property as need be. That is all.  The piece of paper has nothing to do with God and everything to do with Man.  So, I am happy that you have strong religious conviction. However, your job is to prepare forms to be the purpose of tracking people who are choosing to identify as family to one another and have a public commitment.  Many, Many, Many commitments are not public.  Trust me.

So, do your job. Or walk away with your pride in place.  However, Pride is the greatest sin, that which sent Lucifer packing.

Taking this to the Supreme Court in order to be excused from doing all your work is very primary school.  A child asking the Principal permission to not do all the homework that the teacher assigned her.  For real.

Do your job or step aside.  There are plenty in your county who would love to have a nice gushy government job like yours. The government not giving out marriage licenses will NOT STOP people from marrying.  It will go back to the way it should be where people marry within their faith or lack of faith in whatever way they please and whomever they please to marry, and DO NOT ANSWER to the God of the Government but only to the God/desses of their personal faiths.

Can I hear an AMEN?

As a minister, I am very uncomfortable signing a government form when I help bring two or more people together to form a new family.  Marriage is so individual, so personal, so deeply not any of the government’s business. Love will win, every time.