Yes, I still exist.  I promise.  I hope all of my readers had a most excellent day of Thanks with their assorted loved ones.

I am happy to report that I am actually feeling a little passionate about something… Bernie Sanders.  #FeeltheBern

There is something about Bernie.  He is the first legitimate candidate I have been moved by in some time.  He gives me hope.

If you feel the same, explore this video:

I plan to keep learning more about him.  I know I can’t vote right now, maybe never, but I feel it is my civic duty to stay on top of what is going on in our government to the betterment of my community.  I am so saddened by many of my peers lack of interest in voting or trying to even learn about the candidates.  My heart breaks at the lack of participation of the late baby boomers and the Xers.  Please, wake up, brothers and sisters.  Please take an interest in the protection of home and hearth.  Please look for Love in all that you do.