Getting by with a little help

There has been so much I should have written about this week, but each day has flowed into the next, usually a good thing.  Sang so much over the weekend between church and caroling, still not up to par vocally and have a cough that can’t be shaken.

Since writing didn’t occur, creativity did rear its tiny head.  I had a long talk with oldest child and tried to suss out what I can do to be of help to her, so I created one of those crowdfunding site things to raise money to purchase the wheelchair and braces that her insurance won’t cover.  

The link is below.  Even if you are not able to donate, please pass along the campaign on social media, email, and text if possible.  Every pass and every penny counts.  I just want to see all my girls as happy as they can be.

Now, to get Quin tucked back in so that I can wrap and sort what needs done tonight.