Who’s Next?

This is a bad month for you if you are famous, over 65, were an influence in my life, and have had a long illness…  David Bowie, that one hit me below the belt. The Goblin King is now beyond the Mist.  Alan Rickman, Glenn Frey, the guy that played Grizzly Adams….

And I have slid down into a quick and unexpected moroseness.  We talked of Michael Hutchence tonight.  I wondered if he were a 27.  But he was actually a 37.  I thought about how close my mind stays to death.  Dawn and Quin my biggest links to this world, the reason I can’t cross over.  I hate feeling like this, hoping it is only PMS.

I know tomorrow will come, things will change, it does get better; but for now, I wallow in my pity pot.  At least my illness is passed, not all is bleak.