Cattle-Call, of sorts

I don’t have facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, or any other number of social media outlets, yet I am trying my darnedest to help my kiddo get the medical aids that she needs.  I feel I could do so much more if I did have access to social media, cause I used to be a hella networker, but that cannot be anymore.

So, I am reaching out to you, my faithful seven subscribers and others who may stumble across this blog, for some seriously personal assistance with my fundraising.  I feel I have done an amazing job thus far with no social media, but it is not enough.

For those of you who use the above listed services and others, could you, would you, pretty please at least share these links where I cannot?  Sure, donations or purchases would be awesome, but sharing the information is just as important.  I’m poor, most the folks I know are poor, so I totally understand if you don’t have a dime to share.  But please share these links all over the interwebs…

Here is the link to the shirt I designed:

Here is the link to the Crowdrise fundraiser:


We have done great so far and almost have enough to get all the braces and splints needed, but a big push is needed for the wheelchair.  I’m considering starting a cafepress site to sell Never Be Boring merchandise in addition to the t-shirt.  I’ll post links if that happens.  But please share these links.

And for those of you who are curious, my bipolar moment is slowly fading, I still feel sad/disconnected.  Period started and the easing began.  F’n hormones completely negated my medication and hard work to not be a basket case.  Another day has come and I am refocusing on what is most important to me, my babies.

Bless you all in this new year.