Merry Imbolc 2016

And to celebrate Candlemas in my own special way, I caught my new blouse on fire….


Insert girl on fire joke here.

Thankfully, the really large hole is near the bottom and shirt may yet be saved.  And to answer the nagging question:  no, this was not a witch-playing-with-candles-in-a-fancy-shirt incident.   In truth, this was an if-I-would-only-stop-smoking-like-my-friends-I-wouldn’t-drop-cherry-while-trying-to-put-out-cigarette-at-stoplight incident.

So glad shirt melted instead of bursting into flames.  All could have been so much worse and that added perspective to my evening. 

Did have a moment of holding back tears during dinner as I so desperately wanted my Mama there with me.  The emotions struck from left field as I was telling a friend how wonderful it is that her Mom has been so supportive during a very difficult time of child rearing.  Mama didn’t get to see or be with any of my babies. I waited to breed, so she was their Mamaw in Heaven.  So many times I…  Well, you get the picture. 

To quote my Mama, “Wish in one hand and shit in the other, then see which one fills up faster.”   Yep, that’s her.  I guess I am a lot like her and I believe that is a good thing.

So, a toast to all the awesome Mothers and Mother-role-filling wonderful people who are still here and those who have passed.  And a special thanks to all the Moms who have let me lean on them when I had nowhere else to turn.

Blessed Mid-Winter.  The ritual tonight cleaned up a bit of the spiritual yuck I have been building.  It was overdue.

I hope for the first holy day of the new calendar year there were few fires and even fewer tears. Find joy inside of you.