What privacy?

I was honored to attend the Archery Banquet tonight to see Dawn be accepted onto the smaller team that will represent her school at State, National, and World competitions, if they make it that far, and my Honey Bunny given a plaque for his service as Assistant Coach.

It was a lovely evening until …

Mrs. Frizzle, the very kind and understanding principal, had to take time out at the end of the evening to speak with me.  It seems my reputation and criminal history had not escaped the other parents, and tho I was attending the event legally with written permission from Mrs. Frizzle acting on behalf of the school board, they felt the need to call her out and bring it to her attention that I had snapped a couple of pictures.

Mrs. Frizzle had to speak to me in order to not lose face with the other parents.  I would not have wanted her job for a million dollars.  Even though I have been thru the confidentiality training when I was a PTO Mom, she had to remind me not to post any of the pictures that might include any of the other children onto social media.  I assured her that by the law I am not to photograph any children other than my family and that I am not permitted to use Facebook or any other social media where I would have access to under 18’s.  I also have the good sense to edit any pictures I would post were I able to post.

I took the opportunity to take one of the pictures of Quin and Dawn and edit it so that Dawn may use it on her Facebook if she pleases.  But I would not even post it here without disguising their faces.  This blog I have kept mostly anonymous, notably minus reference to our oldest Liz due to trying to raise money for her medical needs.  I believe in earlier posts I referred to her as Mare or Marie because I was trying to honor the privacy of all my children.  And my previously posted pictures obscure the faces of the children in my life who are not yet adults (except for when Daniel ran off and we were trying to find him).  And I think that these pictures are not only tasteful, but artful.  Then again, I am biased.

I enjoy my anonymity here.  It lets me speak freely, feel freely, get creative, and just be.  And everyone needs a little piece of the world, virtual or otherwise, that is totally theirs, totally awesome.  This is my piece.

I am just annoyed at these other parents who cannot just live and let live, who cannot let me earn back a better reputation and put my past and mistakes behind me, who cannot let a night for our children be just that without putting Mrs. Frizzle in a corner and making me feel like a heel.  I have a God-given RIGHT to be the best parent I can be to all my children and support them in their extracurricular as well as academic pursuits, to be their biggest cheerleader.

So to those busy-bodies who cannot focus on their own children and leave my family alone, I send a big F You.  (Check with Ce-Lo Green about the multiple translations of that F.) Here is the pic of my beautiful babies, respecting their privacy, and cutting out anyone who may have been lingering in the background since they were never my intended subject matter:


And that is a darn good picture, thank you very much.


PS – stayed tuned for a post about my now defunct vehicle….