Paranoia cha cha cha

Had an amazing jump in page views yesterday. I don’t know if I should worry or be flattered that one visitor viewed 52 posts, no likes or comments tho… Could it be Johnny Law sniffing about?  Never know.

I managed to have an instagram for all of three days before it was deleted for violation of terms of service.  But, of course, they don’t tell you which term you violated.  I had read the t.o.s. and Community Guidelines no less than 5 times before creating the account. Instagram is not meant for teens and I was breaking no law, so I suppose I fell under the term of they can delete the account at any time for any reason.  I am just not liked.  I feel that. Just like the picture incident with Dawn’s Archery Banquet, some busybody has nothing better to do.  All I wanted with instagram was to be able to follow Liz, because that is where she posts most of her medical updates. Thankfully, I can still view and read them without an account, but cannot like or comment at all.

Now, this blog is my salvation. This is my sacred space of the Internet. It is not private, nor is it social media. I can be honest here and hopefully not be sent to jail for it, as I was for having a Witchvox account advertising my services as ordained minister.  (Btw, my services are available as a minister….)

Yes, I am paranoid, but I feel there is some well-built foundation for it.  Maybe all the page views were just someone who likes my ramblings and not someone with malicious intent.

In the prolific words of Fox Mulder, “Trust No One.”


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