Happy Spring!


Celebrated Ostara yesterday. Picture is of Dawn’s loot. She even found the big prize egg in our modest egg hunt.  Dawn and Quin had a blast. Quin got to fly a kite for the first time ever. Sadly, I didn’t capture a picture.

We were also celebrating our spiritual center being the second ever secular church to be recognized and granted non-profit status in our local area.  So much awesomeness.

Girls and grandson have to wait til Easter proper for their baskets since Peter Cottontail hasn’t gotten all the stuff for them together yet….  It will be so worth the wait.

I’m tired, but good. On day 4 of no prednisone, and I feel fine. (knock on wood)  Doctor gave me thumbs up to stop taking it and I am so happy to not have steroids in my body.

In not good news, my great-nephew was beaten up by his bullies after school today in the school bathroom and the school is saying they are not responsible because it happened after school hours.  He had to go to the hospital. Still waiting to hear his condition.   I am mad as hell.  But not a damn thing I can do.  Of course when white kids get beat up, it is the victim who is at fault because reverse discrimination doesn’t exist.  Bull hockey.

Anyway, other than that, most is well. I am fine, but I can’t speak for those around me. I hope this post finds you, dear reader, well and joyful of this new season.