Goodbye WallyWorld

Yes, I know I have said it before, if not here, then in other places.  Sissypoo and I were seeking the last two items for baskets and I got winded and started to panic.

She tried to get an associate to assist with getting an electric cart so I could sit and we were met with the typical customer-no-service I have come to expect from this particular store.  After I caught my breath, I made my way to the entrance and copped a squat on the bench to rest for the trek to the car.

Meanwhile, there were multiple thefts taking place all around us.  It was a madhouse at best.  If I have to walk into a physical WallyWorld again, it will be worth the drive up the interstate to avoid the local one. 

And, thankfully, their website does not give me anxiety and has fairly decent customer service. 

Thank Gods for a variety of stores in my town so I am not forced into shopping in such a subpar environment.  And here’s hoping you have a choice in your town, too.