Feeling like a Shining Star

So many things this week…
Forgive me if I miss something or get the order of events wrong.

Saturday, Quin went to the bounce house place for her first school friend bday party.


Bouncy Quin

Sunday, we survived Flower Communion and Easter. And enjoyed yummy egg salad sandwiches.


New Bonnet

Lady Autumn Mist had full hip replacement Tuesday morning. She was still unconscious and in ICU when I had to leave her, but surgery itself went very well. I will be checking in on her later today. (Update: She is in regular room now and doing great, but can’t sleep. How ironic.)

Sissypoo started a new job after 4 years of unemployment and seems to like it so far. And tonight (now technically last night) a friend and I treated her to Chicago and Earth, Wind, & Fire show. It was damned awesome.


Combined bands for finale

I think Dawn was impressed that we saw not one, but two, big name bands with amazing horn sections.  I can’t wait until she is old enough to drag along to a concert.  This was my first big show since Lilith Fair in 1997 before I started dating my HoneyBunny. 

Thank you R.A. for the complimentary tickets!  Thank you A.K., HoneyBunny, and Dawn for watching Quin for a couple days of her Spring Break. None of this could have happened without everyone participating.

But, alas, this wild extended weekend and my now 24 hour adventure must come to an end for the love of sleep.  Hope you all are diving into this springtime for what fun can be found.