My comments to Microsoft as to why I am removing Windows 10 after less than one day

The darned thing won’t let me set Chrome as my default browser.  My guest account disappeared along with all the download file from that account that had pictures of my preschooler in it.  Yes, I did search the internet for help but the download folder is not in Windows.old and I don’t even know if reverting will restore those pictures.  I am mad and frustrated.  I thought I was getting something new and nice, but it is not for the over 30 crowd who just want to keep it simple.  This is NOT simple.  I have pulled my hair and cried more than once in less than 24 hours.  There has to be a better way. And losing the Guest account was a very dumb move on the part of your programmers.  I just pray that I can find those pictures again when this is all over.  Thanks but no thanks, Microsoft.  I am pretty sure I will just keep using 7 until it breaks and then try to find a different computer to use. Peace.

[update: Windows 7 has been restored and my photos found. Thank the Gods.]