Belated Mother’s Day Wishes

I do hope all you Mothers of two-legged and four-legged and all other children had as wonderful a holiday as I did.  We went to a late Beltaine camp out and had a blast.  There was vending and chanting, maypole, fireworm, so much community and nature.  I have a ton of pictures but this week has not offered me a moment to edit or post, it may be just as well, the pictures only tell such a small portion of the story.  We did get rained out of camp on Sunday morning when the tent started to flood, but we fared well getting home (just need to go back and retrieve tents, if they are still there, when these torrential rains finally end).

Enter rain chant written today (with noted inspiration from internet search, but not plagiarized):  “God of Heaven use your might, please bring back rays of light. Save the rain for days of need.  As you will, so mote it be.”

I have just been super busy and the rain has seemed to accent it all and sometimes create more work than need be.  This is a good tired.  The tired of someone who has accomplished goals.  I had a great weekend, last week of school for Quin, Music Ministry meeting, Choir practice, drum circle…  and rain.  Oh, and I made a LinkedIn profile (one social network place I can legally be as far as all the fine print I have read thus far).  We will see how that works out or if it is a total waste of time.  And I have had lots of good time with family and friends just all over the place.

Blessed be your dreams tonight as I seek solace in my own world of shadows.