Music in the park


Madison Community Band

It was supposed to be a stormy evening, but the weather has held thus far and the band plays on. There are no bad seats when you pack in your own chair.  This is the first Friday we have made it out this summer. And were actually almost on time.  Hope to come every Friday… That is my intention anyway.

This is Sissypoo’s first time to the music series. We brought Dawn and Quin, even if Quin is being a bit of a butt. Listening to the Madison Community Band first. Looks like another band will be setting up also. Dawn found one of the friends she met here last year.

I had lots of tears today. To spite my being off probation for over a year now, I still feel very “stuck” and “controlled” by the mistake I made. I don’t know what to do to make life better. One day at a time is the right thing to do, but it is also the hard thing to do.  Just glad to enjoy this moment, today, right now. That is all I can control and I am choosing to enjoy it.



The second band has begun as the breeze picks up and the sun drops slowly to the horizon behind the clouds.  This is a jazz sound I could sink into for a while.