Yellow Rose of Briarwood 

Two score and four years ago, she was born seeing the last silver sliver of the Crone Moon greeting the Dark Goddess, and on a Sunday no less. It was high time she went back into the world and claim her heritage. 

So, with her first amber treasure (a rose-shaped deep golden stone on sterling stem) secured in her pack, the Yarn Witch set foot upon the path to Briarwood in the Highlands to celebrate her birthday. 

Beauty on the path to Briarwood forest.

She was met with smiles as though she were a familiar face in the forest and glen. She knew this would be a place she wouldn’t wish to leave. The King welcomed her with open arms and bestowed knighthood to her name after she pledged herself to that which is good and just. 

Quin at Escapolgist show.

There was merry making, feasting, dancing, singing, and even handfastings. At the end of the adventure, her feet were sore, but she was too wound up to rest. Her heart had found its home away from home and she was already longing to return for the Highland Games and Celtic Festival near Mabon.

The happy couple enjoying the dancing in their honor.

And that, my friends, was my first ever trip to the Highlands Renaissance Festival ( for probably one of my best birthdays ever. 

Hope your weekend was at least half as fun as mine. 



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