Raising Funds and Awareness for EDS

Greetings!  Yes, posts have been more scarce of late.  Having a great summer.  Survived the chanting workshops that I led, now planning Lammas ritual and lessons for the Wicca 101 class which I have offered to shoulder indefinitely due to health and other stresses of our regular teacher.  Just keeping busy in general and spending as much time as possible with my kiddos.  Sissypoo trimmed and re-coloured my hair today; I was very past due.

Liz, my eldest, has decided to walk as part of the Cincy Zebras team at Cincinnati Walks for Kids fundraiser this year on September 24th.  They are trying to raise $3,000 toward the Human Genetics department for EDS research.  $225 raised so far.  Here is the link to Liz’s page:  http://give.cincinnatichildrens.org/goto/neverbeboring.   (Please sponsor if you can, and we totally understand not having it in the budget, so if you could share the link, we would be forever grateful.) She is hoping to have her wheelchair before then as she is being fitted for it this coming week.  Thank the Gods!

I think the adjustment to the new update of the wordpress app has kept me away from posting so readily as I have in the past.  That app had me spoiled; not so much anymore.  I am forcing myself to be in front of computer tonight… poor neglected computer.  But I am sleeping better these days, yay for melatonin and neglecting computer.

Hope this finds you well and well rested.  Mahalo.