School daze again

I really didn’t mean to disappear on y’all. The day of my last post, I fell in a hole, no not a rabbit hole, while taking recycling to the curb and sprained my ankle. This put me in an air cast that I look forward to no longer wearing as of tomorrow, and it just put a general speed bump in my life. 

Lammas was excellent. We did a celebratory meal, kinda thanksgiving style, for the first harvest. There was so much yummy food. I made applesauce bread. 

The girls are back at school. Dawn started last week, Quin yesterday, and Hope at the end of this month when she returns to Colorado. Trying to enjoy as much time with them each as I can. School actually makes planning easier since it forces a more stable schedule. 

Quin waiting for the bus today.

Exciting news: I was pre-approved for a 100% financing mortgage, if I can find a house to fit in all the rules. So, family is looking hard online and we are going to drive about on Friday to see if any of them are worth asking to see the inside. There is one I feel good about, but I need to pray on it and hope it looks as nice as the pictures. 

Tonight is last Wicca 101 class for this year. July fell to crap and delayed classes constantly. Only have to review final after tonight’s class. Yay! This summer has been quite exhausting, but really worth every minute. 

I do hope this post finds you all well and I plan to get back on topics soon. If I can figure out videos, there is a tutorial on my mind.