Trying to find a home of our own

I created a CrowdRise fundraising page to attempt having some type of down payment for a home that would allow us more options than the loan I have been pre-approved for at this time.  If anyone knows of any property in the northern part of Madison County, Kentucky, that is rural, turn-key, not a mobile home, and $80k or less, please, please, please send me a message and link to the property.


Here is the link to fundraiser:

I have gone beyond manic PMS of late with house-hunting and bickering about what can work and won’t.  My ideal location home turned out to have no heat/air and plumbing problems that the loan I have approved will not pay to repair.  Whatever we get has to be move-in ready.  And I am so exhausted from fighting and feeling bullied (for lack of a better word).

Foot down.  I want Dawn to live with me until she graduates High School — and not just on weekends and school breaks because she has stayed behind with family in order to stay in the same school system.  So, that means I HAVE to find something that is in Madison Central High’s district and still meets all the other criteria.  Sure, a basement would be nice, an acre of land would be nice, lots of things would be nice, but living with Dawn is not negotiable.

My heart is tearing in two.  I feel torn between what is best for my child and pleasing everyone except for myself.  I feel helpless and that makes me angry.  How to find empowerment when I am at my weakest?

Lady Hecate, please guide my words and actions, please lift your humble daughter from this overpowering darkness.  Queen of Witches, I give you my blood and tears for just an ounce of hope. Use my dreams to show Your Will, let me be your vessel in this world.  This I pray as the Moon of the Dark Mother draws near.  So mote it be.