Perceptions create our Reality

(My apologies for not posting this sooner, it was written last week while I had no internet connection.)

Try to wipe clean thoughts of people who have harmed your mental health and do not project those memories onto people who mean you no harm.


If you perceive the harmless person as someone who has caused you harm, then you will damage your relationship with the harmless person… possibly forever.

If you are in a safe place, revel in it. Know you are loved and safe. Do not create conflict from memories. Live in the now, live in the new, and rejoice.

I realized that I, too, am guilty of projecting memories of harmful people on the ones I love. I am now aware and am choosing to live in the now to save the new.  My ex-husband is NOT my husband.  They are two very different people.  And I cannot compare them.

I feel I too have been mistaken for a memory and therefore am not being perceived as who I am in the here and now.  How can I fix this?  I cannot on my own.  One must want to adjust their own perceptions; it cannot happen without force of Will.

Please choose to see “me”.


I hope this finds you all healthy and happy with a clear view of your reality.  And that my American readers had an awesome Thanksgiving.