Still shook up

The 200 block of McDaniel was my apartment building in the apartment right next to me. And it was not a calm issuing of warrant, it was a full on drug bust with police in heavy gear, automatic or semi-automatic weapons, sniffing dog, and vehicles everywhere blocking me and other neighbors. I don’t think I have ever been so frightened. 

All we lacked was the comic relief of cameras and the “bad boys” theme in the background. Since this happened, I have had a string of paranoid nightmares and cannot get rest at all.

Landlord assured me today that all is safe and there should be nothing to worry about, but as a felon, seeing police surrounding my home, I am not comforted. 

It has taken me days to write about this because I am still processing. I really didn’t believe my counselor when he said I had P.T.S.D. from my own arrest and jail experience, but now I understand how correct he was and is. 

Thank all the Gods that I have an appointment with counselor tomorrow. Just need to get the bad dreams to leave me alone and let me get back to my regularly scheduled life.

I do pray this finds you all safe and far away from this kind of drama.