Scarf/Snood finished 

I was even able to crochet Quin’s initials on the inside so chances of getting lost at school are lessened.

Here she is modeling the design:

Not perfect, but a good first outting with room to grow. I chained 100 to start, then connected with slip stitch and chained 3 for first double stitch, then double stitched rest of row. Finished first row with slip stitch in the chain 3,then chaining 2 as first double stitch of second row. Then worked double stitches thru front bar of previous row, ending in slip stitch in the chain 2,then chaining 2 again for 3rd row… Lather, rinse, repeat directions for second row, until you use entire skein (as I did) or reach desired length, tying in other colors as you like.  May want to start with more or less stitches in base chain to customize size and comfort. 

Hope you find joy in your creations. Quin is thrilled with her new scarf and it is thick enough to protect her newly tubed ears.  Let me know if you have questions.