#yarnlovechallenge Day 14 – Yarn Love <3


Kuiper looking oh so regal. Unfortunately my little guy has a URI. So I'll be calling the vet in the am to get him checked out. We were hoping to let him settle in some more before taking him for his first exam, but that won't be the case. Luckily he loves his carrier. He is definitely a cuddle bug. He's been allowed roam of the house while we're awake and is settling in great. He's turning into quite the lap cat and wants nothing more than for us to pet and love on him. HST wishes he were a bit more playful, but I think he's starting to get that Kuiper just wants him to love on him. Having a cat again had been a big boon to my mental health and moods. I'm just so happy that we finally found the cat for us. #catsofinstagram #kuipercat #furbaby #adoptdontshop

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My oldest daughter’s new kitty with the lapghan I made for her birthday.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Mahalo.