Expressive Aphasia 

Welcome to my heading into day 6 of this most unusual and quite frustrating condition. I did go to hospital on day one, under threat of being dragged there. I have seen my primary and spoken with my rheumatologist’s staff. Two meds have been removed from my routine until more facts are known. Waiting to find out if primary has been able to make appointment with neurologist or if she will be pushing forward with plans for MRI. I have emails to answer and people to reach out to, but frankly my brain is exhausted from trying to form words with my useless mouth.  Ha.  I thought I had telephone anxiety from all my years of working behind a phone… Now it is times a thousand. At least in person I can make expressions or gestures to be better understood, not so much on phone. 

So, if I have not written much or you are wondering why I have not answered your message, or whatever, now you know. I do think of you and I do care, but I am feeling at a loss. Karma or some other being has robbed me of my speaking voice and I never even realized how heavily I relied upon the spoken word. 

For those that believe in such, I may also be experiencing the fallout of negativity aimed at me… Commonly known as “witch war” and I really disapprove of that terminology. I could be giving more credit than is due. Maybe they are just vampiric or plain ignorant…  Or this aphasia is totally unrelated and completely medical in nature. 

Place your bets.

I could still wake up totally fine tomorrow. Anything and everything is possible with such an unusual condition.  Sending my love into the universe 🌌 and hoping for good in return. 



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