Keep talking to me 

Been talking to a new friend, Dreamy, for 3 days now.  I actually met someone on the World Wide Web who knows who and what I am, but wants to keep talking to me. Well, “blow me to Bermuda”, as Merlin would say.

And I am going to crochet a hat for him as a “get to know you” activity. I know it is odd, but how are you supposed to get better acquainted?  I am passionate about creating, music, and Spirit. So, I think I should share that with a new friend. 

It has been a good day. My speech has even relaxed quite a bit. MRI scheduled for Monday. Band practice for Fellowship was a blast. Got all the bills paid and life is going forward full speed. No need for an early day tomorrow. 

Now exhale slowly. 


Dreamy’s charm. Anyone know which Psalm this is?