The Witch’s Pyramid: Tacere

One take on the Witches’ Axiom that I wanted to share for consideration of all. Mindfulness is something I strive for and many times fail. This gives me greater perspective and will to keep mindful. Mahalo.


Tacere is Latin for one of the Four Powers of the Magus, or the Witch’s Pyramid. The four powers (or pillars) are usually listed in the order of Noscere, Velle, Audere, and finally Tacere. When specifically discussing the Witch’s Pyramid, a fifth power is often added; Ire. I have seen both the order and the correspondences altered. All this suggests that these powers are subject to interpretation. I simply propose a deeper alternative for Tacere here, for your consideration.

To Be Silent

Tacere is commonly defined as “to be silent” when discussed in the context of the Witch’s Pyramid. The explanation for silence often revolves around a spell being countered unintentionally by the attitude or mindset of another, or intentionally by another with their own agenda. Additionally, it is explained that, when in a coven, one should not speak…

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