How to Enjoy the End of the World 

If you haven’t tuned in for “No Tomorrow” either on the CW or Netflix, then pole-ease take a moment. Beautifully casted and well written, a tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic tale that will touch your passion. 

There is my shameless and unsolicited plug for the week. I have been having one challenge after another and NT became my escape program. And frankly, it encouraged me to write this post. I have been neglecting my passions. 

The aphasia is still here. Neuro is still a month away. Drum Circle happened. Great weekend guests helped while I was puking. Yeah, 48-hour stomach virus happened. Missed meetings happened.  Computer not charging happened. And thank all the Powers-that-Be, today was psychotherapy day!

More pondering on my “Center of the Universe” thesis, if I can even call it that. It is a theory for sure, but in what school of thought: philosophy, psychology, neurology, sociology, or theology?  Or, as James Cordon might ponder,  “All of the above?”  It is all so very cart-before-the-horse if I am not even formally in studies and so very moot for I am lazy as hell.  And I should be focusing on Ostara. 

Working daily toward the calming of chaos back to an acceptable level. 

Sleep well. Mahalo.