Happiness Allowance 

“Anxiety surrounding the future and paranoia regarding the past should not keep you from experiencing the natural highs of the present.” ~Witchy Wisdoms~


Shawn Engel's WitchyWisdoms

It’s difficult to trust things when they are good, isn’t it?

I find myself asking when the other shoe will drop quite often, and in order to protect myself from disappointment, I’ll allot myself a happiness allowance.

If I’m only so happy, I can only be so disappointed.

But why would you limit your ability to be happy? Sure, there is always the possibility of a low to counter the high, but don’t you think you’re deserving of happiness, fleeting or not?

In the Nine of Cups, we see wishes fulfilled. We see a celebration of comfort and happiness. We see true bliss. This is something we need to relish an appreciate, not something we block out because of fear.

When we do that, we become the Ace of Cupes reversed, which denotes repressed emotions. Any emotion that isn’t felt fully, good OR bad, is like a loaded gun. And…

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