Ten Magical Plants In Your Own Backyard. #folkmagic

I know I have seen chicory and chamomile, and possibly yarrow, in my own back yard. This is a great reference and the pictures are very helpful.

The Witch & Walnut

aHere is a list of wild plants and weeds you can forage to keep your witches cabinet stocked and for free! These are all easily found, you cant miss them. And yes, you may even have a few of these in your backyard. I know I do! It may be easy to just pop over to amazon and order what you need and already dried and prepared for you. But why not try and get some of your own and save yourself the money. There is satisfaction in knowing you foraged your plants and dried them yourself. You put your love and energy in them and they will treat you well. Just don’t forget to give an offering back for what you have taken.

I’m going to try to keep this short as possible. We all come from different traditions, so I won’t go to deeply into the description of…

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