Spring Break Night Out 

Mitch Barrett performing with the dancers.

Had the pleasure of attending EKU Dance Theatre with most of the family. The director is retiring soon and we wanted to make sure to catch this performance. It was amazing, as was to be expected. 

Dawn and Quin got treated to a moment on stage after the show and I grabbed some pictures. Beautiful moments. 

Dawn and Quin dancing.

This has been quite the week leading to today. We finally celebrated Ostara with our learning circle. Quin’s behavior has challenged all the adults and Dawn. I keep wondering where my sweet baby went. A.K. had her VNS implant activated today. Dearest Hubby fell on front porch earlier in the week and very obviously broke his nose. I have twisted my wrist just to add the proverbial insult to injury with my carpal tunnel.  Very challenging times for all, indeed. 

The weather has been blustery at best. I hope this finds you all well, warm, free from pain, and tolerant of moody 5-year-olds.



4 thoughts on “Spring Break Night Out 

  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful family night out at the EKU Dance Theater event… I love that Quinn had a moment in stage, it surly was magical! I love the pics! Sorry to hear about your hubby’s fall and injury to his nose, that’s gotta hurt! And then you injured your wrist, too?! Healing prayers and loving energy surround and embrace you all, my love.
    Warm hugs to you all!❤


    • Worst part, I think, is that all I did was pick up my laptop case and the wrist just moved wrong. You just never know when the most mundane thing will hurt. I have a couple more pictures of the girls I can share directly. Hope you have a chance to get out to enjoy the show. Love!


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