Medical Update 

Neuro wants me to have EEG.  So now I am waiting to see when that appt will be, then I follow up with him again next month. This is going to be expensive.

He seems to think I have a speedy brain…  Duh, I am bipolar.  But MRI shows no tumors, scars, or other badness which is awesome.  I let him know about my brother’s tumor and the fact that I sing fine.  Frankly, we could have chatted all day.

He is a nice person, now I wait to see how good he is at doctoring.



One thought on “Medical Update 

  1. I’m so happy to hear that your MRI showed no signs of tumors or scars, that is SUPER news!! And I’m really pleased to hear that they are looking further with an EEG. And how fortunate to have such a great doctor, too! Sending you healing and positive energy, and lots of Love❤️

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