Spring-sprung Spirits

Sissypoo planted these deep violet tulips for my joy. This picture cannot do them justice, the color is off. They actually appear almost black. 

Not only is the weather creeping around, but spiritual activities are being more obvious. Sissypoo noticed signs that her husband was near, then I witnessed the coffee can of pennies leap from the pantry shelf, as if it had been pushed, landing in such a way as to pop the lid open and scatter the coins.

View from porch before band practice. Trees glow as they wait the arriving storm.

When I visited Lady Autumn Mist yesterday, I spotted fresh blood on the floor. We cleaned it up and checked each other and all the cats for injury or sign of blood. No clues were found.  And even today, we still don’t know what happened.  I wish I had the foresight to photograph it. 

A flag peeks thru the branches.

I have been looking for beauty with intention, keeping focused on all the positive in my life. This is a very busy month and events continue to pop up.  It is easy to get wound up and anxious, thus losing perspective of the beautiful moments. 

Couples Tree Swing blends into the background.

Unusual conversation topic of the week:  who figured out that eggs were tasty when cooked and how did the different ways to cook an egg evolve? Any insights? 

Even Quin’s hair screams “spring”.

Embrace each moment and be glad of those who share them.  See our Mother’s beauty bursting all around.  Be.  Breathe.  Repeat.