Back from a spiritual journey 

Finally home and settled after traveling North to visit the Nyx family at Sanctuary Circle with Lady Autumn Mist to have mostly grown-up time and celebrate Four Twenty in sacred space. 

I got to meet Baby Star for the first time. She is precious. Her mommy KN gifted me a brown bear claw and bear teeth (unknown bear type) to link me closer to my Kodiak guide and a piece of tigereye with an iron band through it to help protect my special stuff from the mild fae infestation at the new home. 

Our host gave up his bed for the disabled witches and I slept so well. I was also gifted a silver flute by my lovely CN (aforementioned host). I need to love it and learn the notes and fingerings again. This one is in decent repair, unlike my mother’s flute, but it has an odd smell that I need to figure out how to remove from the surface and case. Any suggestions? Dawn teased when I got home that I had not played a flute since 5th grade and I was still better than some of the current middle school flautists in her band.

I even got to see my baby sister for a few minutes and took her to work this morning.  She is having a rough patch and needed a face-to-face hug. I am glad to have the opportunity to be that hug for her.

Quin seems to have been well behaved for Daddy, so I would have to say this was a very successful change of pace and opportunity to connect with other witches who share my interests and habits. And the land was gorgeous. Looking forward to the first festival there. And more hugs with CN. 

Two tasks assigned:

  1. Keep trying to find my gumption for Yoga (some cripple friendly variety). This sounds so much easier than my anxiety actually allows it to be. 
  2. Learn something on flute to play for CN, even if just “hot crossed buns” – gotta start somewhere. 

I will post if either of these comes to fruition. And if I hear from my still incommunicado paramour. That still has me worried to distraction.